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Food, Shopping, Tourism

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The Fairport Harbor Port Authority is proud to offer both short and long term docking services.  The quaint community of Fairport Harbor offers so much more than just our white sands beach.  Grab a bite to eat at one of our local eateries, satisfy your up-cycled and antique craving, or extend your stay with one of our unique bed and breakfast locations.


Fairport Harbor offers visitors and array of dining experiences. From grab-n-go convenience stores, to family diners and bistro experiences, Fairport Harbor offers something for every need and budget. 


Bars, Bistros, & Restaurants



Let our summer concert series, newly renovated bowling alley, open mic nights, and local wine tasting cure your daily doldrums.  Dock your boat, stretch your legs and join us for some fun!

Nightlife & Entertainment

An array of vintage, antique, collectible and specialty shops await you just past the lighthouse in the heart of town. 

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Antique & Specialty Shoppes



Looking to fill your cooler or enjoy some wine as you watch the next sunset?  Maybe you've been on a boat for days and are looking to clean your digs.  Either way, Fairport Harbor is your one-stop food, supplies, and laundering port on the southern shore.  

Grocery, Beverage, Laundry

Famous for its Finnish, Slovenian and Hungarian heritage, Fairport harbor is home to several downtown cultural experiences as well. 

Landmarks & Museums

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